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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tough being a girl

Being a mom and a girl in general I think we kind of have sixth sense about other girls. I have always taught Chloe to be nice to others and respect them. She once got in trouble in second grade for telling kids in her class that a little boy liked Hannah Montana. That is the worst Chloe could come up with and she cried forever when I found out. She definitely learned her lesson. She is the type of person that gets her feelings hurt when others are picked on. Anyways there is this girl that really irks me in her grade. As a parent I look at this and just wonder are her parents so naive of her behavior or do they just not care. I have seen her behave and treat other girls in ways, in front of her parents, that some would need to call CPS on me because I will not tolerate it. Ugh.... It is so hard because Chloe participates in a lot of after school activities and we see this girl a lot. Even today on the first day of school Chloe was telling me things about her behavior. It just angers me how parents do not pay more attention to their kids. I told chloe that I know I have always to her to be nice and she takes the high road by walkin away but I am so fed up. It is definitely time for her to stick up to this girl because if I have to get involved I definitely won't be so nice. And people wonder why girls have such bad self esteem when it is our own peers bringing us down. Girls who behave like this have problems of their own and feel the need to bring others down too. Search for self esteem for teens

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