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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dare I say it? Bed time

I am attempting to sleep in my own bed tonight and not on the couch. We really need try and get these girls back on some kind of so called schedule. I surprise myself some times about how long I can function being so sleep deprivedhubt late at night is when I can get a lot done or just sit in quiet time or most importantly not watch the Disney channel. Sheesh.... A mother can only take so much. Brinley is peacefully sleeping while I type this. I am constantly looking up at her pulse ox machine monitoring her readings for my daily chats with Janet (AKA my life saver) from Cooks. I am trting to get a base number on her oxygen sats and heart rate. They said her pressure in her lungs has dropped. The pressure is one way of knowing that her heart will be ready. She has been sat-ing in the high 80s and low 90s. They said that is amazing and I should be so proud of her. Which of course I am. This momma prayed every night for a miracle and each day God gives me one in one way or another but she is my true blessing. Emory is still up watching her kitty movie (Garfield). That girl never runs out of energy. Chloe is hitting the sack. She came home from her cousin Lee's because she was not feeling well. She has soccer practice bright and early in the AM. So I am signing off. I am hoping to enjoy this pillowtop for at least a few hours. Buenos noches. 

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