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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holy guacamole!!

Today was seriously one of those days when you just want to pull every single hair out of your head. Sigh.... Where do I begin??? If I seriously see another child put there finger in their nose and then stick in their mouth it will be waaaaaaayyyyyy too soon. And to top it off it is my own child!!! Emory Piper is going to drive me insane. I did the only logical thing. I put socks on her hands and she screamed at the top of lungs. I made her promise to never do it again. We will wait and see.....ugh it grosses me out!!!! Chloe got new glasses today. She should be styling and profiling for school. She is stressing me out too. At what age do kids just start being "big" kids? Man, I just ask her do things without me having to go back and correct or supervisor. Brinley is so little I can't blame her for anything. She just had a bath and is now hanging out with me but trust me she will have the wrath of her mother when she gets older and needs it. Lord, I pray for a little bit more patience tomorrow and for my kiddos to listen to their mom :)

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