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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another day, another moment of reflection....

I cried a little bit today. Brin looked so much better today but the have on a sedative to keep her calm. She was not the happy go lucky baby that I am used to seeing. She was this baby that was just "there".  No smiles or little conversations that only the two of us understand.  She had this blank, sleepy stare that was not easy to see but we are one day closer to surgery so I am thankful for that. Nurses said that sedation would last until Tuesday. She is also been given some Fentanyl for pain. Eric and I always put on this kaliedoscope video for relaxation on for her. It plays soft music and it has these awesome images on the screen. We laugh bc we always say she probably thinks she is at a Pink Floyd concert. Yes, we still try and find ways to make light of the situation. If not we would go insane. Well the routine for tomorrow will be about the same. Eric and I will be at the hospital early to be with her. It is Monday so they should be back to full staff and we will know a lil more about Tuesday. I personally can't wait to see Janet and give her a hug. Sometimes that is all a person needs to feel a sense of peace. 

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