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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pity, party of one

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough, itchy ears, congestion, and etc. I feel like doo doo. I thought I would try and get out of the house to see if that would help but I was definitely wrong. How can it be a trillion straight days of 100+ weather and I am absolutely convinced that I have a cold. Being the only one that can care for Brinley is so hard. Eric is on his rotation so his 12 hour days make it hard for him to help in to the late nights. I am pretty sure after our long weekend in the hospital and the long nights before that is one the main reason i am sick. All of us moms know even if daddy says they got it, it also means we lay in bed wide awake make sure they really do got it. I spoke with Janet again today and she just puts me more and more at easy about Brinley. She knows I have been under the weather so she keeps telling me that she is praying for me. I wish I could box this woman up and give her to people who are need of any kind of support. She is just an amazing person. The upcoming surgery is going to put things back in the "normal" range for our little family. No more daily phone calls, weigh ins, o2 checks, heat rate checks or daily tallies of fluid intake. Her immune system will be strong and I can return back to work. It has been a struggle being at home on one income. School starts Monday for Miss Chloe. She is a big ole 6th grader. Boy, she think she has grown over the summer. I definitely have to put her back in check some times. I have ran into a lot of people lately that ask how things are going. Hummmmmmm.... I just smile and say good. It is tough. I am not going to lie. But we just take it day by day. Not sympathy, just compassion.

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