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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mother of the Year.......

I think not!!! Holy toledo, Batman!!! Today was one of those days that I just seriously wanted to throw in the flag. Chloe had to get a retainer for her teefers. One was moving out of place so we need to get it back in line. Brinley had a Dr 's appt and her Dr office knows that she needs to be taken out of the waiting area because of her lungs and they seriously left us in there for over 30 minutes. I feel like they do it out of spite now because they always go on about many letters and fax and phone calls they get from Cook's. Like it is a big inconvenience that this place that specializes in children's health is  going out of it's way to do what it needs to to make sure my baby gets the best care possible and everyone is on the same page. Long story short, I am on the hunt for a new pediatrician. Chloe had a cheer meeting which was fun. I got to see lots of the moms I haven't seen all summer. My little girl that showed me that this is just a bump in the road was there being all cutie pie. Emory had soccer prac. I don't know how Eric and I are going to juggle all of this with 3 kids....sheesh it is hard work. I met Eric at Academy to look for some cleats for Emme. One minute we are lacing them up and telling her to walk in them and the second minute we asking for some associates for their help finding her. They locked the doors letting no one leave and all associates were doing area checks. Eric and I were in total panic. She had one tennis shoe on and one cleat. We finally found her in the water gun aisle. The girl is going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. She seriously gets in to so much that I get use to some things but I am still on edge. I tried to talk to her about staying with us but she doesn't comprehend just yet. We are leave and get half way home and I realize I left my phone in the buggie, Brin is crying because she needs her diaper changed and is hungry and I couldn't get home fast enough. I am so happy this day has come to an end. I will start fresh tomorrow. 

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