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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little ahead of schedule

Brinley's appt went very well today. As a whole her heart is wonderful. Her saturations were down again today. Janet came in and said she noticed some dusky-ness to her that she had not seen before. As her mother I wanted to beat myself up bc I had not noticed but I see her every day and she always looks great to me. It to her pointing it out to me. We are scheduled to have her catheterization sooner than it was original been expected which was the Sept 7th. We are going back Monday to have her cath Tuesday morning. They told us to bring what ever we need for an extended stay just in case. Looking at her demeanor she is just wonderful. Smiling, kicking and talking like a crazy woman. They told us initial shiny would eventually be too small for her growth and we think she has hit that point. They are not thrilled with her low sats. I am definitely at peace with what ever they decide. She is just doing so good you would never know anything was wrong. But he low says can effect her in the long run. I am just happy to soon be on the "other side". She is going to do fabulous!!!!

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