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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just what she needed

The resiliency of babies is absolutely amazing. Brinley is back to her wonderful, playful and beautiful self. I talked to NP today and discussed with her about something's that happened while we were in the hospital. I questioned her about Dr. Mandel saying the blood flow to her pulmonary artery wasn't as much as he wanted and she explained what he meant. Before we left the hospital after Brin's modified Norwood, Janet explained that she would probably be seeing us sooner than later. She explained the size of her Shunt would be the reason. They were not able to make it any bigger because of the amount blood flow that she needed. Her growth has been so great and she is already growing too big for the shunt. Her flow through it is still great but she will need her surgery soon. We go to the cardiologist next week for another follow up. Since our hospital stay the cardio is anxious to see us but still can't believe that we had a check up with our pedi on thursday and then we were admitted to the hospital on Friday.  I am def in the process of making sure that never happens again. We have Brinley's catheterization scheduled for Sept 7. From just speaking with Janet today I have feeling that we are looking to have her Glenn at the end of Sept. The blood flow to her pulmonary artery is just a reflection of it is getting close. I am nervous and excited. This is just he beginning for her and us. I am definitely starting to feel all these late nights catching up with me. She is worth every bit of these scheduled feeding but last night I felt a summertime cold of some kind setting in. This morning I felt as though I had been hit by a truck. My wonderful friend Crystal came by and picked up Chloe for me. She was getting bored and I did not have the energy to entertain her. Thank you a million times for that Crystal!! Chloe had her first cheer practice tonight. I am sad that I missed it. They are starting on their dance routine for competition. It is always so exciting to watch them. Chloe has tumbling class tomorrow, I hope I feel well enough to go. Emory had soccer prac this evening but we missed it. Someone (clear throat.... Eric) didn't tell me they practice on Mondays and Thursdays, I assumed it was T and T.  Last practice Eric said she did great. I can't wait for the season to start. Chloe has soccer prac at 9 am this morning. I am lucky for that my father in law comes by to pick her up for me. He says that have an amazing group of girls this season. I feel like we have so much going on that I could go on forever. I have a bout of insomnia right now because I took some musinex cough and cold. It gives me the wide eyed willy's. Hopefully sleep will come soon. Long day tomorrow. Buenos noches. 

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