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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


That is what I asked for when a chaplain came to pray with me today. The saying "the calm before the storm" is one way I can explain today. Brinley completely reached the point that she needed her Glenn. We knew it, the Drs knew it. Surgery went great. No narrowing of her pulmonary arteries as expected so the only repair done was her BDG. She rested last night as expected and today the storm. Everything you see on TV is exactly what I experienced today. Her sats would not stay up and before I knew it she was crashing. Helpless. Eric had just left to head back to WF. Luckily he was still in town when I some how found the strength to call. By the time he had returned she was stable. They now have her on meds to keep her "paralyzed". The more you move, the more oxygen you burn. She needs to keep her sats up and being in this state is the best way they know how to do it. An echo and xrays showed no clots or obstructions of any kind so we are still no sure why she is responding this way. I sang and prayed to her and for her. She IS my sunshine. So I pray that God never takes my sunshine away. Give her strength and bless the hands that touch her to help her heal. I am still waiting to hear her first real laugh, to see her crawl and walk. Janet asked for a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree. You bet she will get one and it will be best holiday card ever. Please pray for her and me. I just ask for strength. Please give me strength.


  1. Praying for Baby Brinley, you, your family, and her health care team. I have sent Brinley's story to prayer groups here in the United States, South America, and to the Middle East. "Thy light shall break forth as the morning, and thy health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee: the glory of the Lord shall be thy rear guard." - Isaiah 58:8

  2. My Aunt posted your story on my Facebook and I wanted you to know that there are people out here like us that you don't even know praying for you and your baby...praying for everything you ask for and more. God didn't bring you this far to back down now!! We will continue to pray!! May you find strength and peace to get through this!


  3. You guys are absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to have touched so many people and to have so many prayer warriors praying for us. Thank u from the bottom of my heart.