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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So far it has been a great day

Wow this day is just so unexpected. I know every visit is not like the last but it is just so unexpected when we you are almost traumatized by previous stays. Brinley is just..... gosh I dont even know a word big enough to describe her. Today she is pacemaker free and will soon have all her lines out so that we can hold her and she move a round. This time she is the oldest baby in here and it is very hard emotionally. To see these babies I cant help imagine them being our Brinley. An elderly couple just literally stopped by moment ago to ask about Brin. Eric explained that she just had her 3 open heart and they said she looked amazing and that their grand baby just had her first. I hope by seeing Brin it gives them something to look forward to. It is so true that God only gives what he knows you can handle. I never thought I would have to face anything to this magnitude but I am still here treading water and do what I have to for Brinley. It sounds selfish bc really it is not even necessarily something I will have to live with it is Brinley's heart. As her momma all I have to do is find the strength to stand each day and make sure she has the best possible life she deserves.

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