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Thursday, September 8, 2011

One step closer

To going home. Dr. Chemelli said today that Dr. Tam (surgeon) could not see Brin's echo clearly enough to determine the need for surgery. He said clinically she is doing good. Dr. T wants her to have more time to grow and they of course will monitor her closely. She was such a happy girl today. The nurses were coming in one by one to see her smile and laugh. Brin and I facetimed with Aunt Jessie and the gang. We got to see Chlo's beautiful face. We also called daddy and Emme. Emme wasn't quite sure what to think about us being in the phone. She kept wanting to give Brin kisses. So sweet. Chloe has her first soccer game on Monday. I would love to be home to see it. I am here alone right now. Daddy headed home to work. Brin made me laugh so many times today. Even Dr. Meyer came by to tell me that it was good to see me smile. It felt good to smile but it felt even better not to cry. 

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